Advantages and Applications of Cable Seals

What is a Cable Seal?

As the name suggests, a cable seal is a lock bar made of steel wire. The lock body is generally made of zinc alloy or ABS plastic, and the lock bar is made of steel alloy. This structure is easy to use and has strong sealing force. The lock body can be marked (printing log, serial number, mark, etc.). Once it is stolen or damaged, it can be quickly discovered and can better prevent theft.

The cable seal adopts a countersunk hole lock body with two connected inclined holes with springs inside. There will be a steel ball between the inclined hole and the countersunk hole. The steel ball will be supported by a spring and equipped with corresponding grooves. One end of the lock strap of the seal is connected to the lock body, and the other end is connected to the lock head. During use, the unfixed end of the lock strap is passed around the sealed object, and the lock head is inserted into the hole of the lock body so that the internal steel ball corresponds to the groove and is pressed against the groove by the spring, thereby Lock the lock to prevent it from being stolen or copied.

Most cable seals are 1.8mm in diameter. Aviation-grade rust-proof steel wires are made of high-quality steel and ABS plastic. The steel wires are sun-proof and anti-corrosion. The pulling force can reach more than 2500 Newtons. They are very strong. It can be printed on the lock head with a laser. The serial number and company logo are not easy to change or damage, adding a higher safety factor to the object safety risk management. The length of the wire can be adjusted and is easy to use. It can also be customized according to customer requirements and has strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft functions. It is an anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting product tool with a low price and high is a relatively high-selling product in recent security equipment.

The wire seal is a disposable product. If you want to untie the wire seal, you must cut it with wire cutters, scissors, etc., and the cut wire seal cannot be used. If the wire seal can be removed without damage, it means that the product is not of high quality and is a waste product. However, during the production process, quality inspectors will test them one by one, and unqualified steel wire seals will be automatically destroyed.

New design
The workmanship of modern cable seals is better than ordinary seals, and they are more delicate and beautiful. Today’s society pursues development and innovation to meet customers’ safety needs as well as aesthetic needs. You can choose different colors for the lock body, such as red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, white, and other different colors, which not only facilitates use and classification but also increases recognition. No matter what industry, innovation is taking place step by step with the pace of the great times. From old to new anti-theft cable seals, they look fine, strong, and tough, and many businesses like them. The important thing is that it can be recycled and complies with national requirements for environmental protection and resource reuse.

There are generally two types of steel wire seals, namely tension-type and butt-type. It means tightening or inserting both ends. Since the cable seal is a disposable product, it cannot be opened again once used and can only be forcibly destroyed. They have strong anti-theft, anti-packaging, and anti-counterfeiting capabilities, so they are widely used. Most of them are used in cargo transportation, air transportation, and maritime transportation security and anti-theft, such as containers, truck doors, oil tankers, etc. The more common applications in life are generally used in water meter boxes, fireproof tanks, electrical connection boxes, door locks, window locks, box seals, anti-theft and anti-tampering of valuables, etc. It has good anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting effects.

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