Choose the Right Security Seal for Fashion Products to Prevent Theft

When selecting a disposable security seal suitable for fashion items sold online and worn prior to return, the following 9 factors need to be considered to ensure that the original condition of the goods has not been tampered with, destroyed, or counterfeited:

1.Security Level: Select a disposable seal that meets the required security level. Generally, higher-level seals provide greater security but may require more time and tools to open. Consider the value of your product and the need for protection to determine the level of security.

2. Material: Choose materials that are durable, waterproof, and not easy to wear to ensure that the seal will not be easily damaged during wear. Common materials include plastic, nylon, and metal.

Our most popular model here is the 170 seal, which is specially provided to sellers of clothing, shoes, hats, and handbags. It has a suitable length, is light and easy to use, and can print brand logos and offset codes to ensure that the goods are not counterfeited or dropped. When returning the product.

3. Ease of identification: Consider choosing seals that are uniquely marked or numbered so that each seal is easily identifiable. This helps ensure that the original item can be identified when returning it.

Usually, our customers will choose to print their logo, which not only improves brand awareness but also ensures the uniformity of goods identification. Some will also print codes to make it easier to find inventory and styles.

4. Color: Try to choose eye-catching colors to make any problems easier to spot during inspection. Bright colors usually draw attention more easily.

In most cases, people will choose bright yellow or red, which is more conspicuous. Some customers will choose matching colors based on their own brand theme colors to improve recognition and deepen their brand impression.

5. Size: Choose the appropriate size seal to fit your fashion items. The seal should be tightly attached to the product and not easily removed or replaced.

For shoes, you can choose the 200R model, which has a variety of colors to choose from, the length is suitable, and the flag is wide enough to print logos or names, etc.

6. How to open: Consider how the seal will be opened. Disposable seals can generally be divided into different types such as pull-tab, cut-and-sew, and twist-type. Choose the opening method that suits your product and operation.

Like this 210T, the opening method is very simple and convenient, Tags can be removed, and no need for knives or scissors.

7. Price: Choose the right disposable seal according to your budget. However, security is usually directly proportional to price, so weigh this carefully.

8. Brand Reputation: Choose reliable suppliers of seals to ensure quality and reliability.

If suppliers have been producing such products for a long time, their production equipment, technology, raw materials, etc. will be more stable and reliable, and the quality of production will be better. Choosing suppliers who can cooperate for a long time ensures the stability of supply.

9. Regulatory Compliance: Make sure the seal you choose complies with local regulations and industry standards to avoid potential legal issues.

Finally, don’t forget to train your employees to ensure they are using and recording seal information correctly. This will help ensure that fashion items sold online are fully protected before returns, while also providing customers with additional trust and security.

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