High Security Metal Locks Metal Seals

High-Security Metal Seals.
Anti-Theft Protection Security Solutions.
High-temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance.
Support customized company name, logo, and sequential numbers.
Applicable for widely used water pipes, communication, seal, cable,  etc.

Additional information

Product Details:


  • High-Security Metal Seal.
  • The Material is Tinplate steel.
  • diameter is 218*7.5mm
  • Tensile Force: 608N
  • Available colors are Original.
  • printing: Laser or embossed custom company name, logo, and sequential numbers
  • Applicable for widely used water pipes, communication, seal, cable,  etc.


Packing Details

  • Product Weight            6.5g
  • Box dimension              25*20*10 cm
  • Quantity Per Box          1000 pieces
  • Box Gross Weight        7 kg


Security seals allow people to identify and trace any potential tampering actions, helping to prevent theft.
Widely applied in various industries and sectors, including but not limited to:
* Logistics and transportation: Ensuring the security of goods during transportation.
* Retail industry: Preventing product packaging from being tampered with before sale.
* Manufacturing: Used for sealing and labeling products and components.
* Banking and finance: Used for cash bags and document packaging, ensuring secure transportation.
* Courier and parcel services: Preventing parcels from being tampered with or lost during transit.

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