Plastic Container Seal Customized LOGO

Plastic Container Seals, Customized Seals.
Anti-Theft Protection Security Solutions.
Different Colors Available.
Support customized company name, logo, and sequential numbers.
Applicable for Bags, Boxes, Postal packages, Courier packages, Containers, and Trucks.

Additional information

Product Details:


  • Plastic Container Seals.
  • Tensile force 68N
  • The total length is 250mm.
  • The printing dimension is 40*20mm
  • Available color white, blue, yellow, red, green, or customized
  • Laser printing or hot stamped logo, name, and sequential numbers and barcoded.
  • Applicable for bags, boxes, postal packages, courier packages, containers, trucks, and tanker valves.


Packing Details

  • Product Weight           1.5g
  • Box dimension             50*42*34cm
  • Quantity Per Box         5000 pieces
  • Box Gross Weight        9.5 kg


Security seals allow people to identify and trace any potential tampering actions, helping to prevent theft.
Widely applied in various industries and sectors, including but not limited to:
* Logistics and transportation: Ensuring the security of goods during transportation.
* Retail industry: Preventing product packaging from being tampered with before sale.
* Manufacturing: Used for sealing and labeling products and components.
* Banking and finance: Used for cash bags and document packaging, ensuring secure transportation.
* Courier and parcel services: Preventing parcels from being tampered with or lost during transit.

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