various types of security seals for the logistics and transportation industry

In the logistics and transportation industry, various types of security seals are utilized to ensure the safety and integrity of goods. Here is a detailed list of common security seal types and their corresponding purposes:

Cargo Seals: Used to seal cargo boxes, containers, parcels, or pallets to prevent unauthorized access, theft, or tampering.

Transport Seals: Used to seal transport vehicles such as trucks, trains, ships, or aircraft cargo holds to ensure that goods are not interfered with or damaged during transportation.

Container Seals: Used to seal containers or freight containers to protect the contents from theft, illegal substances, or damage.

Courier Seals: Used to seal courier parcels to ensure that packages are not illegally opened or tampered with during delivery.

Port Seals: Used to seal port facilities or containers to ensure the safe storage of goods at docks or warehouses.

Custom Seals: Seals customized according to specific requirements, such as seals with company logos or specific barcodes for tracking and identification purposes.

High-Security Level Seals: Used for high-value goods or sensitive items, with higher security levels and tamper-evident features to ensure the safe transportation of goods.

Tracking Seals: Seals equipped with tracking technology (such as GPS or RFID) for real-time tracking and monitoring of goods, enhancing cargo security and management efficiency.

The above types of security seals play a crucial role in the logistics and transportation industry, ensuring the safety, integrity, and traceability of goods. Different types of seals can be selected and used according to specific application scenarios and requirements to ensure the security of goods throughout the transportation process.

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